Step-by-step, No grind Thosai (Dosa)

No grind thosai with coconut chutney, tomato chutney and podi with gingerly oil Growing up, thosai and idli with chutney, thuvaiyals (thick stoneground chutneys) or sambhar was a breakfast staple. I’d never seen a cereal box until I was a school-going, 7 year old girl! In the 80s, my maternal grandparents sold thosais and chutneys….

Seafood Mamak Mee Goreng

Wat’cha goreng about ? Mee Goreng translates simply as ‘Fried Noodles’ in Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. When the Chinese traders sailed to these shores, they introduced the wok and noodles. Soon after, came the myriad of street food dishes, which are still popular today in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia and Singapore, the more…